Trademark Registration Service in India

Service Overview

Ensure your brand's unique identity is legally protected with our Trademark Registration services in India. This service is designed to secure trademark rights, helping to prevent unauthorized use of your brand's marks and logos across India.

Service Inclusions

  • Filing and Application: Handling of all aspects of trademark filing and application.
  • Post-Filing Support: Continuous support and monitoring of the trademark application.

Service Exclusions

  • Government Fees: Not included in the service fee and are required at the time of filing. Government fee is ₹4,500 for Individuals, Startups and SME's and ₹9,000 for other applicants. Stamp fee and out of expenses of ₹200 will be additional.
  • Trademark Search: Comprehensive search to ensure the uniqueness of your trademark.
  • Responding to objections, etc.: Dealing with any objections, attending hearing or requirements from the trademark office post filing will incur additional fees.


  • Individuals, Startups, and SMEs: ₹2,499 plus ₹4,500 government fee, total cost ₹6,999.
  • Large Entities: ₹2,999 plus ₹9,000 government fee, total cost ₹11,999.

Secure your trademark to enhance your business's brand and credibility.